BBQ Shootout

The 4th annual Madison County BBQ Shootout, hosted by Madison County Chamber of Commerce, was held on the square in town this weekend. Last year, it was held on the first weekend we arrived in Winterset. We were too tired and stressed to attend, so this year was a must! 17 teams of barbeque specialists {Read More…}

Sweaters in July

The thermometer barely broke 70-degrees F this afternoon, and the low last night was in the 40s (our average July temperature here is a humid 87-degrees). This is unheard of in Iowa in July. Well, maybe not entirely unheard of. Legend has it that local people met together on a chilly July day in 1849 {Read More…}

John Wayne’s Birthday Party

Our little burg is the birthplace of John Wayne. People from around the world come to see the little clapboard house where he was born in 1917, and to visit the local John Wayne Museum. The last weekend of May is a huge festival celebrating the birthday of The Duke. This year, our first here, {Read More…}

Why did you decide to move here?

Locals ask “How did you decide to move here?” Friends from California ask “Why did you decide to move to Iowa?” Why would long-time Los Angeles County, California residents strike out for a new home in Winterset, Iowa? We chose to move to Winterset because we searched for Mayberry, and this is as close as {Read More…}