Raise a Glass

Every year, on my birthday, I take out a glass Mom gave me when I was just a young girl. It’s tall and narrow, with a logo stamped on the side. She told me it was a very special glass, and I should take good care of it. So, on the shelf in my bedroom {Read More…}

Beach Blanket Flashback

Today’s fresh snow has me remembering California’s warm beaches… One sunny day in 1970 or ’71 a boy named Bill invited me to the beach, where we were rousted by the Marines. My best friend had convinced me Bill was a good guy and he liked me. She said we should go to the beach {Read More…}

Bertha at Bike Night

The 3rd Saturday evening of April – September is reserved for Bike Night on the Winterset Square. Even though the square is only 2 blocks from our house, we didn’t go to Bike Night until the last meet of the year. And, we were amazed at the event. There were hundreds of motorcycles and even {Read More…}

BBQ Shootout

The 4th annual Madison County BBQ Shootout, hosted by Madison County Chamber of Commerce, was held on the square in town this weekend. Last year, it was held on the first weekend we arrived in Winterset. We were too tired and stressed to attend, so this year was a must! 17 teams of barbeque specialists {Read More…}