The Brood and the Bagpipe: A Horror Story

Brood III, also known as the Iowan Brood, has emerged in Winterset. The Brood consists of millions of cicadas who emerge above ground once every 17 years. They’re not poisonous and pose no harm to humans, according to the literature I’ve found. That discounts near heart failure on first encounter. This emergence is welcomed with {Read More…}


A group of bossy celebrity broads have launched a campaign to ban the word bossy. It seems they feel banning this word will allow more girls and women to feel comfortable in leadership roles. Little girls are so fragile that calling them bossy means they will forever after shrink into silent submission. Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook {Read More…}

Daylight Saving Time Rant

Why can’t anyone adequately explain the definitive reason for changing the clocks for Daylight Saving Time (DST)? Springing ahead makes me logy and disoriented for about a week, and falling back causes headaches for about the same length of time. Communicating with people in other countries becomes unreasonably complicated. DST does not improve the quality of {Read More…}