Book Review: Aging with Ungirdled Passion

Times have changed; in my mother’s day no one would have talked about THE CHANGE openly. Aging with Ungirdled Passion certainly changes that, and is a laugh-out-loud quick read. One of the interesting things I learned in this little book is that the wattle on birds is an evolutionary development to help keep the animal cool. {Read More…}

Book Review: 11/22/63

Be careful what you pray for; you may just get it. Unintended consequences pepper this novel, and drew me in to the degree that I frequently thought about how I would handle the trials of time travel in-between reading sessions. This was a great, long yarn about an ordinary guy in extraordinary circumstances. Jake was {Read More…}

Slow Cooked Chicken

I’ve always been less than impressed with the food that comes out of a slow cooker. Wimpy sauces, vegetables reduced to mush, and stringy dried-out meat were the prices to be paid for convenience. That all changed for me a few years ago when I bought America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution. The America’s Test {Read More…}