Alpaca on the Lawn

Last Fall these fine fellows were on the courthouse lawn for the Covered Bridge Festival. These docile beasts stood quietly, leaning against one another, humming deep in their chests. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… We stood next to the pen for over 15 minutes and they never stopped humming. They live nearby on a local farm, but came to {Read More…}

Funky Chicken

One of our regular stomping grounds is the Madison County Historical Complex. It sits on 18 acres of gorgeous hilltop at the southeast edge of town. This spring a new flock of chickens was introduced to the grounds. That’s nothing new in rural Iowa but, when we first saw the flock, we thought something was {Read More…}

What’s the deal with RealFeel?

Locals are obsessed with weather reports around here. The first week we were in town, at least a dozen people told us if we didn’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes. We just laughed at the colloquialism, but now know it to be fact! Not only are wind, humidity, hail, rain, and temperature endlessly discussed, but {Read More…}