Raise a Glass

Hotel Radisson GlassEvery year, on my birthday, I take out a glass Mom gave me when I was just a young girl. It’s tall and narrow, with a logo stamped on the side.

She told me it was a very special glass, and I should take good care of it. So, on the shelf in my bedroom it went, next to the rock collection and Madame Alexander dolls.

When I got old enough to realize this treasure was just a mass-produced glass I asked my parents what was so special about it. Mom was silent and didn’t meet my eye. After a long pause, my dad said

Well, Suzy, about nine months before you were born your mother and I took a summer road trip to Minneapolis. That glass is a souvenir of our trip, and we thought you would enjoy having it someday.

The penny finally dropped.

This week I turned 60, and again used my Very Special Glass to toast my parents. How I wish they were here to share the celebration with me.

Radisson Logo 1953A bit of research turned up two ads for the Radisson Hotel in Minneapolis, Minnesota from 1953, the very year of my parents’ road trip. This hotel was the first in the Radisson chain, built in 1909. One ad displays the logo that is found on my glass. It has a rampant griffin and the Latin motto Labore et Honore. Translated to English, that is By Labor and Honor.

          1953 Radisson Ad     Radisson Promo 1953

Well done, Mater and Pater. Well done.



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    Congratulations and welcome to my side of the birthday cake!! I remember in the 60s we were NOT to trust anybody over 30. Well, 30 was a thump, thump on the road of life!! And here we are twice that age and still looking forward. I guess adaptation counts for somethin’. I hope you had a very nice birthday with your special glass!! It’s so sweet that you still cherish that glass for the legend that goes with it. All the best!!!

  2. 3

    That is so nice. Happy Birthday to you!! May the 60’s be very very good to you.

  3. 5

    Hi Suzy, I have such special memories of you I will always remember you, and treasure what you tought me.
    What an awesome individual you are!! I missed you!!!

  4. 7
    Barbara Carrington says:

    Happy Birthday! I celebrated my 60th 6 years ago, and have enjoyed what life has offered me since then. Retirement is great especially in the Central Coast. Enjoy the ‘small’ town life. Sorry halibut is a bit to far to send to you.

    • 8

      Thank you, Barbara!
      The California Central Coast is so gorgeous; I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
      Your halibut was amazing. We have trout and walleye pike in these parts. It’s hard to beat freshly caught, isn’t it?

  5. 9
    Marte Brunsting says:

    What wonderful memories! Happy Birthday, Suzy. At 60 you are still a kid. Enjoy every year. You are one of the special people in my life – miss you.

  6. 11

    Happy Belated Birthday Suzy! I have trouble accessing the site from my iPad or I would have responded sooner! I have a couple more years to reach the 60 goal, but not far behind. I think it is wonderful that you still have the glass and that you know the story behind it. I am sure your parents are watching over you and are enjoying that you still have the glass and are still making it a part of your celebration!

    • 12

      Thank you, Lynn!
      I’m sorry you’re having trouble accessing the site on your iPad. If you continue to have trouble, will you please let me know? I’ll see if there is something I can do to make it work better.

  7. 13

    Another ’53 model. Happy birthday. I love the story of the glass and what a great way to remember your parents on your birthday.

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