Nerdy Iowa

Built along the English River, Riverside Iowa was established in 1872 and, as of the most recent census, has a population of 928. It’s a typical small Iowa town with an atypical degree of ingenuity. It’s much more than a drive-by on the way to the local casino.

With the agreement of Gene Roddenberry, Riverside is the proclaimed future birthplace of Captain James Tiberius Kirk. To be born on Saturday, March 22, 2228, Captain Kirk is a legend before his time.

Riverside Iowa: Where the Trek Begins.

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Every year they hold Trek Fest, complete with costume contests, a beer garden, and Trekkies making the pilgrimage to the birthplace of Kirk. Sadly, Bar Trek, the local watering hole has closed but there is still plenty to entertain the nerdy visitor at the Fest.

The fine folks of Riverside have a rosy future economy, too. In the mid-23rd century the town will be home to the Riverside Shipyards where the USS Enterprise is to be built.

Go, Iowa!

Riverside Iowa

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