Bossy GirlA group of bossy celebrity broads have launched a campaign to ban the word bossy.

It seems they feel banning this word will allow more girls and women to feel comfortable in leadership roles. Little girls are so fragile that calling them bossy means they will forever after shrink into silent submission.

Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook officer), Condoleeza Rice (former Secretary of State), and Beyonce (hootchy pop singer) have joined many others in the drive to ban this nefarious b-word. They were all called bossy as children and the trauma obviously stunted their opportunities. Apparently, none of these high-powered gals have ever heard of marketing surveys. If they had conducted even one, they would have known how preposterous this campaign is. Even the Girl Scouts are buying in to this malarkey.

Bossy SisterI, too, was called bossy as a child. It affected me deeply: I embraced it with a passion. My younger sisters called me Sister Mary Boss-of-it-all, which I felt was only due and proper. Every girl and woman in my circle of friends is bossy. Any female worth her salt has this trait to a greater or lesser degree.

Now we are to teach little girls that they are victimized by being called bossy? Instead of teaching them to be tender little victims, let’s empower them. Embrace the Bossy.

To the grown women promoting this farce, I say: “Grow a pair.”

To girls who are called bossy, I say look directly at the person who said this to you. Look them straight in the eye, like a boss, and say

Thank you.


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    Amen Bossy Sister!!!!!

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