Book Review: Aging with Ungirdled Passion

Book Review: Aging with Ungirdled Passion

Aging with Ungirdled Passion

by Tracy Kunzler
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on April 8, 2013
Genres: Humor
Pages: 96
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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From humor columnist, blogger and greeting card writer Tracy Kunzler comes a selection of new, expanded and favorite essays on aging with “ungirdled passion.” It’s a celebration and commiseration concerning the “gifts” that come with reaching “a certain age.” Living with ungirdled passion means you've shed societal and nylon constraints, have the guts to be yourself and are comfortable in your own skin, even if that skin is now spotted, loose and veiny! The ungirdled woman doesn't run from the changes that come with age - mostly because she can no longer run. She accepts them with grace, dignity and good spirits - namely tequila, vodka and gin!

Times have changed; in my mother’s day no one would have talked about THE CHANGE openly. Aging with Ungirdled Passion certainly changes that, and is a laugh-out-loud quick read.

One of the interesting things I learned in this little book is that the wattle on birds is an evolutionary development to help keep the animal cool. Since birds don’t sweat, the wattle serves to bring multiple blood vessels to the surface, where the cooling occurs. Isn’t it a perfect marvel of nature that the human wattle appears at the same time as hot flashes?

The gentleman reader may have his eyes opened, and the lady will be amused. I found it to be a hoot.


About Tracy Kunzler

Tracy Kunzler is a blogger, humor columnist, greeting card and freelance copy writer living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Newly menopausal, short in attention span and long in the breasts, she writes about all the changes that come with reaching a certain age in “Aging With Ungirdled Passion.” It is Tracy’s first book and a collection of new and expanded favorite essays from her blog and guest humor columns.


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    Thanks so much for your review, Suzy! So glad you enjoyed the book! Love your blog!


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