Bertha at Bike Night

Bike Night

The 3rd Saturday evening of April – September is reserved for Bike Night on the Winterset Square. Even though the square is only 2 blocks from our house, we didn’t go to Bike Night until the last meet of the year. And, we were amazed at the event. There were hundreds of motorcycles and even more people in attendance. Vendors selling biker gear, live music, food, and plenty of beer all contributed to the party. We should have gone to more Bike Nights this year!

We met Ms. Bertha Geneva at Bike Night. She’s a sweet, 175-pound English Mastiff who rides in style. Known as Iowa’s Sweetheart, she rides in a customized sidecar embellished with her favorite colors and her gentle face. She was gracious enough to pose for a few pictures. At just 4-years old, she can look forward to many more bike nights.


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    What a sweetie! I’m a sucker for Mastiffs – so huge, but so gentle and sweet. =)

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